Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Joys - Shake A Leg

The Joys - "Shake A Leg" b/w "You Play With Toys" - Raydin Records #R-103 (PROMO)

Mysterious 1960's (I think) "Girl Group" single. I can't find any info on the web about this band.

Uptempo garage / pop with doo-wop-ish sounding vocals, and a weird section that sounds almost psychedelic. I think that's a keyboard making that odd sound.

The b-side is a slower ballad-type song.

The main reason I posted this is because I'm selling it on Ebay this week. All my other posts are from bands I myself used to play in, or had some association with in some way.  I had nothing to do with this record, other than finding it at a garage sale.

Hopefully I'll be getting back on track with my own music next month.

DOWNLOAD:  The Joys - Shake A Leg

If you want to hear the b-side, you'll have to buy the record!
To buy this record on Ebay, click HERE

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Marcelo said...

amigo, pasamos grandes momentos con amigos aqui en Argentina escuchando el EP Why de you Hang Out.... Saludos desde aquĆ­... y thanks for the music!
un abrazo