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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tom Miller - More Solo Recordings

STAY IN LOVE (FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE) - I had a dream several weeks ago that the Ramones were still alive and were jamming with Neil Young and the keyboard player from the Cars. When I woke up, I wrote this song.

SOLID GOLD  Try counting it up now, does it all add up?  Since I'm not rich and famous, I don't have the answer.   I posted this song briefly back in June, then took it down so I could re-mix it.

I'LL FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER written by Gene Clark and originally performed by the Byrds. Gene might roll in his grave if he heard this, but he is one of my favorite singer/songwriter guys from the 60's/70's. I could never come close to Gene, Roger McGuinn or David Crosby in the vocal department, so I didn't try to. No point to this, just somethin' to do on a rainy day.

Once again, I played all the stuff and did the singing, so don't go blaming anyone else. All songs copyright 2009 by T.A. Miller except "Feel A Whole Lot Better" by Gene Clark.

Stay In Love (For The Sake of Love)
Solid Gold
I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better

See my older post if you want more Miller recordings.

Coming soon: Swank Motel