Monday, January 10, 2011

Offbeats - Don't Take My Advice

Here's a song that never made it on to the Smog Veil reissue CD...or even on any of the several rip-off punk compilations that have, over the years, featured Offbeats recordings used without permission.  Like the one put out by the aptly-named "Grand Theft Audio" record label, for instance.

This is a song I always liked.  Unfortunately, I am not that fond of the long rant at the end.  What was my problem back then?  Who knows.  Ah, young musicians...usually self-centered and going on and on about their problems.  Whatever, dude.  The unnecessary ending bit is why I have always resisted reissuing this song in the past.  Actually, I now find it amusing.


There are two mp3 files at the above link:  the original 1986 LP mix and a new 2011 "speedy ending mix."  Yes, I sped up part of the ending, in order to dispense with it sooner.  I prefer the new version, if any.  You might not, which is why I've included both.

Historical note and name dropping info:  The "Evolution" album was produced by Randy Burns.  His production resume includes such heavy hitters as:  Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Possessed, Dark Angel, Ludichrist, Zoetrope and Death.  Also the first Flaming Lips album and the Pontiac Brothers.  So I guess this was our heavy metal album.

There is also a different recording of "Don't Take My Advice" that was released on the b-side of the "Out of Breath" single.  Sorry, I have not included it here.  You could always buy that record on eBay, if you are interested.  It usually sells for about 5 bucks.  Have a happy 2011 people!