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Monday, November 23, 2009

TA Miller: "Roll 'em Nice"

Roll 'em Nice (T. Miller, 2009) 

Lemonade, too much sun. Too much of anything, it ain't no fun. Novocaine, I can't feel my tongue. I may be drugged but I'm not that dumb. Roll 'em nice, roll 'em nice. Your uncle has a problem, he thinks he's always right. Roll 'em nice, but keep it out of sight - your uncle has a problem with the crop you like.

They say it's dangerous, but then so is walking. I took a hike and nearly fell off a mountain. It's a strange land, so many legal cases - but buy a 12-pack and get twice as wasted. Roll 'em nice...

They'll sell you anything they think you need - but what you want, not even a seed. I saw my doctor, he said, "Listen to your body." Well mine told me it was time to party! Roll 'em nice...

Click to listen: TA Miller: Roll 'em Nice

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