Friday, June 5, 2009

Tom Miller - New solo recordings

I no longer play in bands; instead I have been concentrating on solo recordings, just to have some fun and occupy my spare time, since I'm not into fishing or golf. Found below are some songs I recently recorded at home on my little 4-track machine. I wrote them and played the instruments and sang.

"I Just Want To Make You Happy'" "You've Done It Now," "Let's Go To L.A.," and "Upset" are my version of rock music. Pretty basic but that's what I like to hear, usually. The other 2 songs are instrumentals. One is long and pseudo-funky, as the title implies. The other, "Catwalk" is short and kind of folky. The title is not about cats; I named it after a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State called "The Catwalk." Not that it really matters.

All songs copyright 2009 by T.A. Miller. I will be posting more new songs as I finish them.


Jim said...

i have a video somewhere that i shot of you playing acoustic in shorts at cle public theatre.

also in that video was robert richie with a squid tied around his private parts.

Tom and Denise Miller said...

Hi Jim! Hey, I wouldn't mind seeing that video - although seeing Robert with a squid and me playing acoustic in shorts also sounds a little bit creepy...